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quada V+F has a large stock of accessories for the individual laser welding tasks. We would be glad to advise you in a complete and competent manner or demonstrate the accessories in our competence centre.

FLEX-BALL Magnetic Clamping Sphere

Magnetic clamping sphere for laser working

FLEX-BALL is a switchable permanent magnet which allows for flexible clamping especially in laser welding plants. A switchable permanent magnet, for clamping the work piece, is built into a spherical housing which allows for any kind of pivoting or turning movement.

Clamping table

Spanntisch für Laser

Workpieces of up to 300 kg can be clamped onto this clamping table DS 300, pivoted between 0° und 100° and on the turntable turned by 360°. The turning lock and the pivot drive which is self-locking ensure a safe holding of the workpiece in any working position. The assembled magnetic round chuck RM 30 holds small and large parts securely.

SPANNFIX Hinged Bracket

Spannfix arm for Laser


Spannfix hinged bracket allows for flexible welding on smaller workpieces.The ball joint is adjustable in all directions and via a clamp can be fixed. The magnet can also be turned through 360°.


Furthermore we can supply wire holders, fibre glass pen and laser safety glasses